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Ten Ten’s Rocket – Level 2: Select Your Job (Part 2)

First I really want to say SORRY for the late update of Ten Ten’s Rocket. It took a reaaaaally long time for you guys to read the second part of this chapter. Been kinda hectic lately at the studio.

Anyway… ENJOY!










TO BE CONTINUED! And there you go! The appearance of the real game producer! We’ll show you event more of  awesome characters on the next chapter. Click here in case you haven’t read the first part. Can’t really promise you if the artist could finish the new chapter by next month. We’ll do our best, though.

See you on next chapter!

Manami Matsumae was ACTUALLY Coming to Touchten Games!

Long time no see! Ten Ten’s here!

And as I had already mentioned in my previous post, MANAMI MATSUMAE CAME HERE TO TOUCHTEN GAMES! WHAT! Oh, sorry, I got too excited. Really, though, who won’t be when a legendary composer of Mega Man herself came and greeted you and shook your hand with those two precious hands, like… I couldn’t be happier!

Matsumae-san arrived at Jakarta on Thursday evening and had dinner with our CEO, Anton Soeharyo. On Friday morning, Matsumae-san and Alex came to our secret bunker and surprised everyone! We became speechless and it was kinda awkward at first. Then, Matsumae-san broke the awkwardness when she saw the blackboard we decorated to welcome her. She was so happy!
And here’s the picture taken by Alex! (CR: Alex’s Facebook)


And yes, we didn’t forget about you, Alex! :P

So here’s our picture together with Manami.


Sorry about the computers. We didn’t have time to move everything. Hahaha.

Frankly speaking, at first I thought she wouldn’t be so friendly and she seemed so pro and I wasn’t sure if she wanted to talk with us. I was completely wrong. Matsumae-san was so friendly! She’s a really nice person and I didn’t expect she would joke around with us. It’s too bad that we’re not that good in speaking Japanese and Matsumae-san is not that good in speaking English. Somehow we could understand each other, though. Oh, and thanks to Alex Aniel from Brave Wave for helping us translating.

As soon as Matsumae-san got here, she needed to prepare for a Live interview with Touch Arcade. Not long after that, some people from media came for press conference with Matsumae-san. She’s a busy person, indeed.

And YES! Matsumae-san was signing the CDs of soundtrack she composed for Target Acquired! But the signed CDs are for Kickstarter backers only. Sorry :(

Highlight of the day is when Matsumae-san practiced for her mini-concert the following day at GDG 2014. IT WAS REALLY A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Everyone in the office was so amazed, no one moved when she played the keyboard. Everyone was stunned! If you want to see the video, I’ll upload it later on YouTube. Haven’t got time to edit the video.
And one more interesting thing about Matsumae-san is that she’s still carrying 3DS with her everywhere she goes. She’s so cool! Too bad I didn’t join them for dinner because I needed to prepare for the event the following day. *sobs*

On Saturday, December 6, we departed early in the morning to UMN for Game Dev Gathering 2014. FYI, we’re not morning person (except for Erick since he comes to the office way to early every single morning) but we got up early for Manami Matsumae! Hahaha! Manami needed to do sound-checking so she couldn’t stay at the booth in the morning, and many people were looking for here to see her in person. I didn’t know Matsumae-san would be this popular in Indonesia.

At 10.40 AM, Manami started her session with a mini concert. She played soundtrack of Shovel Knight“Blue Star” from the album In Flux, and 2 songs from Target Acquired. And to please all Mega Man fans, Matsumae-san played the famous Mega Man’s START Jingle. It made the crowds go wild! After the mini concert, Matsumae-san accompanied by Alex Aniel and Anton Soeharyo had a talkshow for about half an hour.

So the talk show was done and Matsumae-san went to Touchten Games’ booth. Within a minute after the talk show session, people were already coming to see Matsumae-san and bought the CDs. Some people even took picture with Matsumae-san! And suddenly two boys came to our booth and told us that they were in Rockman community and they asked Matsumae-san to encourage everyone in the community to always support Rockman. Matsumae-san was really touched.

Finally, the day came to an end and we had to say goodbye. Masumae-san and Alex were going to take the evening flight back to Japan. Right after the event, we all said goodbye. It’s hard to say goodbye, but we believe that soon we’ll meet again. It was nice that Manami Matsumae came and spent 2 days together with us.


Thanks for visiting Touchten Games, Manami Matsumae-san!

Ten Ten and awesome crew of Touchten

TARGET ACQUIRED: Target 204% Acquired on Kickstarter!

Hello, everyone! Ten Ten’s here! Long time no see! We’ve all been so busy here, really got no time to post some awesome updates lately.

Anyways, today I came with a really good news! Guess some of you might already know. Aaaaannndd the good news is… OUR PROJECT, TARGET ACQUIRED IS 204% FUNDED ON KICKSTARTER! Wooohooooooo! So basically our goal is to reach $10,000 in 30 days, and within a couple weeks we’ve reached our goal! Awesome, right? And with so much money acquired, we asked Manami Matsumae, composer of Mega Man and Mighty No.9 and now is the awesome music composer for Target Acquired, to compose even more awesome music for us. I’m telling you, I’m actually addicted! I can really tell how talented Manami-san is. She’s one awesome composer, indeed.

You can listen to the music in our Kickstarter page. Also, you might wanna check out the orchestra (?) version of C.A.T.N.I.P. by so-very-talented Mandy Kowara here.

More news from Target Acquired, Tomi Imai (was a voice actor for Campcom Fighting Jam) will be one of the voice actor for Target Acquired. To make it even more festive, you’ll see appearance of egoraptor as Spike Tomerry, Yura’s partner-in-justice. Too many awesome people involved in the making of Target Acquired, too awesome to be true.

We’re going to promote Target Acquired in some offline event in Indonesia as well, and we’ve done one at GAT Fest 2014 in Binus University last weekend. Next event will be at GDG 2014 at UMN Campus this Saturday. Please do come if you’re somewhere around Serpong this Saturday! MANAMI WILL BE THERE AND I’M NOT LYING! She’ll perform on stage and will also do CD signing. It’ll be just AWESOME!

Anyways, Yura’s here with us…

…and she’ll be coming this Saturday with us to GDG 2014. Even more reason to come!

So I wanna thank you guys for backing us on Kickstarter and also for supporting us and motivating us to work even harder. Please keep on supporting Target Acquired and Touchten Games!

See you guys on the next post update!

- Ten Ten

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