[Essentially, its “Let’s make this annoying game (Flappy Bird) more annoying by having an annoying character saying annoying stuff to annoy people”] A�- Summarized by Karin


Dear Lovely Humans,

This is an official statement regarding our release of Amazing Cupid. Some of you may have already heard or played it, some of you even might have read the whole debacle regarding the game being a a�?shameless clonea�? or a�?a bad reputation for the countrya�?. We are perfectly fine with these statements as it is someone’s honest opinion. (So this was what Mr. Nguyen was facing all by himself huh? Poor lad)A�However, before you judge us further, may we please humbly request you to read our following statements with an open mind? We feel like we owe our players an explanation regarding this matter, and we have a few explanations why we can release the game with a clear conscience.

Anyway, our first point. We have actually seek permission to a�?copya�? Flappy Bird from its owner, for which he said a�?Youa��re welcome, Mate!a�? Whatever his reason is, be it just because he is a big-hearted man or that he realizes that his game isna��t the most original version, we are not one to judge. We admit fully of being inspired by Flappy Bird to create the game.

So the question at hand is did we CLONE the game? That, my friends, will bring us to point number two. If we were to answer according to YOUR standard of cloning which we assume: a�?if it feels the same and ita��s currently or used to be popular, or I knew that game from somewherea�? Then YES, we did. However, allow us to give a brief definition of a clone that the industry experts are supposed to use as is written by law (in our own words so ita��ll be easier to understand. Law wordings are super annoying):

A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� A clone is something that copied the stuff that can be copyrighted exactly. This can be sued. For example: art assets, original songs we used, the source code. These items can be copyrighted and if we stole and copied them, o ow wea��re in trouble.

A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� A gameplay or game experience however, cannot be copyrighted. Have you heard of the term GENRE? Games with same or similar gameplay are considered to be in the same genre, not necessarily a clone or copy-cat of each other. Take Street Fighter and King of Fighter for example, they are almost similar (according to my colleague because I don’t play them) yet none of them gets into trouble of being sued. Why? Because they know gameplay is sort of a public domain which everyone can jump at.

Have you played Amazing Cupid yet? No? Then this might be the right time for you to get it ;p. If you have, you will notice that the art is completely different, it has a lot of added features (secret messages, crazy rants of a cynical cupid, and three difficulty levels). So given these facts, we are leaving the rest to you to have your opinion. All we humbly request is, for people to get the facts before defaming others.

Our third and last point (Ia��m tired of typing) is that we actually did it merely for fun! A few things sparked the birth of Amazing Cupid. First, we wanted to have a side project for Valentinea��s Day. Second, we had this new feature to test but no game to test it with. Third, our resident programmer was too free and cloned Flappy Bird in two days during his spare time just for practice. Fourth, our CEO decided that this short gameplay will be perfect to try out the new feature. So our artist jumped in and we had a friend who agreed to help with the valentine theme. We meant no harm in the making of this game, and most importantly, we didna��t mean to knock Flappy Bird from its throne.

In conclusion, we would like to apologize if we offend anyone by releasing this. Again, in our point of view, we just wanted to have fun and share them to others for Valentine Day and beyond. We didna��t mean any harm to any single individuals and we certainly didna��t mean to harm the reputation of Indonesiaa��s gaming industry. We humbly accept all critiques anyone shoot at us, but we must stand firm to our clear conscience.

Finally, thank you so much for your time. Should you need more clarification, we are more than happy to hold a discussion as we know we can learn something from an outside perspective too.

Okay this has gone too long. Thank you for all your criticism and concern, and most of all, your time. Also we want to shout a BIG THANK YOU for our supporters and those who enjoy our game. Let us close this official statement with a promise that we are only trying to improve the industry and really, spreading happiness and love to others.




Touchten Team