In case we haven’t told you guys, WE HAVE A NEW WORKING SPACE NOW! YEAY!

So on April 15 we moved from 9th Floor to 7A Floor. Still in the same building, though. Do come and visit us whenever you guys have time! ^ ^

It was a hectic month and as we were preparing to release 5 casual titles in May, so we had got no time to decorate the new space. The walls were a white plain, and yes we all needed some fun activity to freshen our brain from codes and frames. Hahaha.

We saw this video of people decorating their office’s walls with post its, and thanks to our Always-Happy Data Analyst (and her name is actually, Happy by the way) initiated this idea of decorating our wall with post its!

We spent almost 3,000 post its to make Ryo from Ramen Chain and Tini from Teka Teki Saku with our rocket in the middle, done in about 3 hours. The post its are surprisingly sticking on the well quite well, they haven’t fell off yet! (No! This is not an advertisement! Hahaha!)

So what do you guys think?